Administrative Health and Safety

By Jacquot health & Safety

Administrative Safety

Administrative Safety Control Measures are an Essential part of Occupational Health and Safety; as an ISO 45001:2018 Certified Company, we follow the methodology of the PDCA Cycle:

We provide different types of Training to workers:

  • Induction Training, as necessary for the work area and requested by the facility Responsible Officers
  • General Training, Training of Individuals concerning Occupational Health and Safety will cover a larger area of OHS Informations.
  • Specific Training, we can provide Training for each of our Risk Assessment Services

Additionally, we provide Administrative Safety Services in the form of:

  • Active Monitoring: Safety Tour, Safety Inspection, Safety Sampling, and Safety Surveying
  • Implementation of written Safe Systems of Work
  • Risk Assessments, Fire, Confined Space, Noise, and others.
  • Permit to Work System, Fire, Confined Space, Lock Out Tag Out and Work At Height.
  • Health and Safety Desk Health Management System
  • Toolbox Talk
  • Emergency readiness preparations
  • Safety culture change
  • Reactive monitoring, investigation of unwanted events.
  • Remedial OHS training after identifying unsafe Actions, unsafe conduct, unsafe behavior, accidents, or/and incidents.

*We are not a certified school that can provide institutional acknowledgment through certificates; we simply offer educations for individuals or groups to improve Occupational Health and Safety within the workplaces we work.

Risk Assessment & Permits to Work

We Separate Risk Assessing into different Sub Categories to assign staff to the type of Risk Assessment they are most Experienced, Skilled, and have the most Knowledge.

Currently, our Risk Assessment and Permit to work cover four areas:

  • Fire Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, and we shall provide a trained Fire Watch
  • Confined Space Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, and we shall provide a Trained Tank Watch
  • Work at Height Risk Assessment and Permit to Work
  • Lockout Tag out Risk Assessment and Permit to Work

Emergency Readiness Preparations

Through our staff consisting of Experienced Professionals with different background Expertise we shall prepare the emergency response for each task that is the most:

  • Efficient
  • Quickest
  • Appropriate

As necessary, we can provide all of the essential equipment for emergency evacuation.

Our Qualified and Additionally Trained by us, Tank & Fire Watch shall quickly inform the necessary individuals of the emergency as briefed in the Safe Systems of Work.

Occupational Health and Safety – Reactive Monitoring

We shall investigate:

  • Near Miss
  • Incidents
  • Accidents
  • Unhealthful Condition Reports
  • Unsafe Condition Reports
  • Reports of Unsafe behavior

Investigation Methodology:

  • 1. Immediate Action: Providing Medical Aid, Restricting Access to the area gathering essential pieces of information for further Data Collection.
  • 2. Plan the Investigation: Identity of the individual or team to investigate and identify information sources that they shall assess.
  • 3. Data Collection – Interviews, Photographs, Observations, permits to work, and others.
  • 4. Data Analysis – Identifying Latent and Active failures, Why Tree, Fault Tree, and more.
  • 5. Corrective Actions – It is necessary to Prioritize the Control Measures, Agree upon what is necessary to achieve, Timescale the measures, and Follow up on the progress
  • 6. Reporting – Finally, we shall report our findings and suggestions to the individuals in charge.

We shall furthermore identify the:

  • Immediate causes
  • Underlying causes
  • Root causes