Confined spaces

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Confined spaces

Confined Spaces cause many incidents and accidents; they must be risk assessed by professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience.

The following list is not an extent of the necessary, safe work systems; it’s only a basic of mandatory requirements for each individual confined space entry.


  • Individually Risk Assessed by Professionals with adequate equipment.
  • Creation of necessary Permits to Work before beginning the tasks.
  • Emergency arrangements must be in place.
  • Adequate emergency equipment must be readily available.
  • Identify applicable Codes of Practice for the tasks.
  • Implementation of the hierarchy of safety control measures


  • All involved individuals must be briefed regarding the Safe System of Work before the entrance.
  • Safeguard all confined space entrances.
  • Continuously Monitored by professional Tank Watch and periodically reviewed by professional Confined Space Expert.
  • Keep a log of Acess and Egress.
  • Apply the hierarchy of safety control measures.
  • Report any near miss, incident, or accident.

We also provide Fully Qualified Tank Watchers to Monitor that Permit to Works, Safe Systems of Work procedures are correctly followed.

Confined spaces


  • Tank Watch and Confined Space Expert must assess that the confined space is safe without any residual hazard before leaving.
  • Identify the necessary remedial actions if there was a breach of safe systems of work during the task or any incident.
  • Identify how to improve safe systems of work if possible.


  • Act upon and record the necessary remedial actions, possible improvements and communicate them.