Fire safety

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Fire safety

Fire Safety is an essential part of the Occupational Health and Safety of Dry Docks and broader; it’s the area that our staff consisting mainly of Fireman and Fire Risk Assessment Experts, has the most expertise.

Our services include

  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment
  • Providing Fire & Tank Watch that are Qualified and further educated by us.
  • Hot Work Permit to Work Creation
  • Hot Work Permit to Work Monitoring, Review, and Management
  • Structural Building Safety
  • Adequacy of Alarms
  • Adequacy of emergency plans and personnel involved
  • Fire Safety Policy Adequacy
  • Fire fighting equipment adequacy and inspection
  • Fire Fuel storage adequacy, i.e., paint, petrol, and LPG cylinders
  • Fire Safety Audit

Our Fire Experts consists of Individuals with Years of Experience in the Fire & Rescue Service assisted by individuals with The NEBOSH National/International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management.

We also provide fully Qualified Fire Watchers to Monitor that Permit to Works, Safe Systems of Work procedures are correctly followed.

Fire safety

Hot Works

Hot Works are the source of numerous high financial and even human life losses all over the globe, and adequately performed Risk Assessment could have had saved many properties and lives.

Services offer we offer for your Hot Works:

  • Competent Fire Watchers
  • Expert Fire Risk Assessor
  • Identifying Control Measures necessary for Hot Works to be safely completed
  • Creation of Permits to Work
  • Creation of Safe Systems of Work
  • Implementation of Administrative Fire Safety Control Measures
  • Monitoring of all areas affected by Hot Works

We have a systematic approach to Hot Works through the Plan, Do, Check, Act – Methodology.