Vibration, WBV, and HAV

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Vibration, WBV, and HAV

Prolonged Vibration Exposure cause harm in the form of Whole Body Vibration & Hand Arm Vibration to the body that is often identified when its already at a point where it is hard or even impossible to reverse the damage to the body, as it is vital to reduce harm to employees to a minimum and identify symptoms as soon as possible.


Our Service in the regard of Vibration is:

  • Identify the sources of Vibration that could cause WBV & HAV
  • Assess how the Tasks, Environment, Equipment/Vehicle, individual susceptibility, and individual use of Vibration Source information can be used to reduce harm from Vibration
  • Assess Vibration Exposure to individuals through Vibration Exposure Calculation Software
  • Identify Control Measures to reduce risk from WBV & HAV
  • Suggest Safe Systems of Work for maximum efficiency
  • Monitor that Safe Systems of Work are followed through
Vibration, WBV, and HAV