Work at Height

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Work at Height

Work at height creates a hazard for both the people working and those working in the vicinity that falling objects could hit.


Hence we follow a Hierarchy of Work at Height which is

  • 1. Avoid Working at Height
  • 2. Prevent the fall from possibly occurring
  • 3. Minimize the consequences of a fall.
Work at Height

If Work at Height can not be avoided, our Work at Height Expert Risk Assessors shall perform

  • Risk Assessment of the Work at Height 
  • Assess the Work at Height Structure that is used (i.e., Scaffold tower)
  • Assess the Quality of the Equipment being used and the appropriate use of the same (i.e., Harness)

  • If necessary, will complete a Permit to Work
  • Safe Systems of Work will be created and communicated to affected parties
  • If necessary, the area around the work at height will be marked, and erect additional barriers as necessary
  • Monitor of the area
  • Review the work at Height Structure as and if necessary (depending on Work at Height Duration).