Why us

By Jacquot health & Safety

Integrated Management Systems – ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001

Throughout the careful assessment we conducted, we have concluded that the best course of action is to integrate our ISO Certified Manage Systems.

ISO 9001:2015 (quality management)
ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management)
ISO 45001:2018 (occupational health and safety management)

Integration of our management systems is essential because it should lead to less duplication of effort and the development of procedures that take into account the needs of each discipline.

Our staff

We employ individuals with a large variety of backgrounds to provide a high level of expertise in as many environments as possible.

Our three main category of Staff is Fireman, Occupational Health and Safety Professionals and Maritime Experts.

Each of these categories of Staff has particular expertise that, if combined, can produce the Highest Level of Quality delivered to our clients as possible.

Fire & Tank Watchers

  • Fully Equipped for their Tasks.
  • Certified to perform their job.
  • Provided with Study Materials that they have to learn to pass our job interview assessment.
  • Individually briefed by their Superior regarding the emergency procedures, the Permit to Work they are responsible for, and the Safe Systems of Work to be followed within their work area.

They have a minimum knowledge of:

  • B proficiency in English or better
  • Basic Fire Physics
  • Mechanical & Physical Hazards
  • Basics of the Hierarchy of Risk Reducing Hierarchy
  • Tasks and Hazards caused by tasks performed on Dry-Docks
  • Basics of Safe Systems of Work and Risk Assessment Methodology and Permits to work
  • Knowledge about Fire Fighting System and Alarms trigger Mechanism
  • Basic Knowledge concerning Confined Space
  • Emergency procedures
  • Usage of Radio Communication devices

The above Qualifications receive assessment through one-on-one Job Interviews before actual employment; study material provided by Jacquot Health & Safety.

Fastest Response Time

We are devoted to providing the quickest response time upon being request to provide our service. To achieve this, we have created a system of personal profiles each employee can update with their availability and more.

That way, upon being requested to provide a team, we can answer within an hour of the call for smaller groups and a day for a larger team.

*We can arrange a team for you at this short notice for the territory of France. Other countries may require additional legal assessments.


All of our staff have years of experience in the Occupational Health and Safety field related to Vessels OHS, Certificates training for STCW, Confined Space, and other types of exercise.

We are a company that works internationally; as such, we quickly adapt to different workplaces, within the Maritime Industry and outside of it.

Our primary focus is dry docks because they are exceptionally dynamic with an extensive array of hazards and risks that make it challenging; that said, we can work in other types of workplaces as well.


Before employing us, we shall share as much information about our systems to work as possible; this includes our:

Our Different Types of Permits to Work templates
Certificates and Short Biography of the Staff providing you with Occupational Health and Safety Service.
We can answer questions about how we intend to Approach Occupational Health and Safety in your workplace, depending on the Risks and Hazards.

Motivating our entry-level employees to retain expertise

A large portion of our employees are Fire Watch and Tank Watch on Dry Docks; through the years, we have seen a high level of staff turnover within other OHS Companies that work in this area; we dedicate our self to retain the expertise of our employees, this was very often related to two reasons:

1. Lack of motivation, Entry Level Employee would not see a possibility of promotion through hard work as the employment was not based on Equal Employment Opportunity

Experienced employees will get promoted based on their skills and knowledge and not nationality or social relationship to create an equal opportunity for all to grow within the company; our goal is to have entry-level employees become Occupational Health and Safety Professionals.

2. Unhealthy & Unsafe work conditions, many employees have complained that the environment in which they work is unhealthy, complaining “it is not worth losing your health for the money we are given.” We are determined to set a high level of Moral Responsibility and provide not only Safe but also an environment as healthy as reasonable.

Our Health and Safety Policy is intended through its public visibility to show the responsibilities and expectations from both our entry-level employees and management; we are devoted to protecting the Health and Safety of all of our employees beyond the legal minimum obligations.